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Every detail of Episcopal Early Learning Academy was designed with learning in mind, especially our facility. We have several age-specific classrooms, which help keep class sizes small. We believe that play time can be just as important for learning and growth as traditional classroom instruction — that’s why we built developmentally appropriate playgrounds for each age group. Even the soothing colors seen throughout our campus aid in the overall educational experience by allowing our students to focus fully on their instructors and the lessons at hand.

In the classroom, we combine time-tested lessons with cutting-edge technology to give your child a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Our 4 year old classroom instructors use SMART Board interactive whiteboards, which bring lessons to life in a fun and interactive way. Our 3 and 4 year olds also work on complementary children’s NABI tablets to build their technological literacy. And, for mom and dad, we offer secure access to live streams of our Watch Me Grow cameras so you can log in and watch your child learn on your PC or smartphone.