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Learning Philosophy

Having a hand in guiding the education and benefit of a child today is being in direct touch with the future. Give a child a Better Beginning, you dramatically increase the child's odds of being a better person…of having a Better Life.

Here at Episcopal Early Learning Academy, we’re committed to nurturing little learners. Our qualified early childhood education professionals use developmentally appropriate teaching methods to support the growth of each student’s motor, language and social skills.

Classrooms/Learning Environment:

Every classroom has been designed based on early learning design research and meeting the developmental needs for each age group. You will notice that the classrooms are neutral in color in order to provide a soothing and calm environment. Research tells us that too much color in walls, floors, and furnishings can be over stimulating to children. Our classrooms are:

  • Safe, healthy, spacious, well equipped, and child friendly
  • Developmentally Appropriate in design and furnishings
  • Promote exploration, curiosity, imagination, problem solving skills
  • Encourage independence, positive behaviors, social skills and optimal learning opportunities.
  • Allow for children to develop a sense of identity, self-esteem, and uniqueness.

Technology for Children:

We live in a digitally connected world at home, at work, and at school. Our classrooms for three’s and four’s include opportunities for exploring technology and enhancing our curriculum.

  • Interactive whiteboard that allows our teachers to bring videos, pictures and live chats directly to the children. We can connect directly to a musician playing a violin or a biologist at an aquarium. Children can watch and ask questions on a video chat. It is a direct connection to the world around them and to their interests.
  • Individual tablets (Nabi’s) that are fun and reinforce key learning concepts.
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Safety/Health Features:

Safety is our main concern. Video cameras are placed throughout the facility including the playground. Parents have the extra security of being able to use the Watch Me Grow internet monitoring system to look in on their child’s classroom throughout the day. Additionally, we make it a priority to maintain a healthy and clean environment to prevent and keep the the spread of germs to a minimum to the children and to staff. Other safety and health features include:

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan for all emergency situations
  • Non-choking materials
  • Sanitizing toys throughout the day in the infant and toddler rooms
  • Secure sign in and monitoring system
  • Separate playground for infants and toddlers and preschool children
  • Sanitizing stations outside each classroom and playground entrance

Watch Me Grow:

EELA has partnered with Watch Me Grow so that parents can view their children online via streaming video and share in their day. All that is needed is a PC or smartphone with internet access and an email account. Cameras are located in each classroom to provide maximum viewing of your child’s activities. To protect the privacy of the child, parents create an account with a login and password and Watch Me Grow verifies your information with the center.

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  • Separate playground for infants and toddlers and preschool children
  • Cushioned playground under equipment
Playground Water Play

Teacher/Child Ratios:

EELA maintains lower child to staff ratios in order to provide more individual care and learning to each child.

Infants: 1:4 1:4
Toddlers: 1:5 1:6
Two’s: 1:7 1:11
Pre K 3’s: 1:10 1:15
Pre-K 4’s: 1:10 1:20